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Stunning European Tapestries

European tapestries are some of the most beautiful and elegant in the world. During the Middle Ages tapestries were produced throughout Europe. Today many of these European tapestries remain as a testament to the beauty and grace that the designers of the time possessed.

Brussels was one of the main producers of European tapestries during the Middle Ages. From about the year 1500, a large number of exquisite European tapestries emerged from Brussels. The European tapestries produced in Brussels during this time period varied widely in terms of design.

As a result, a number of the European tapestries which still exist today can actually be identified by their design style. Some European tapestries produced during this time period were marked with a distinctive shield on the panel to indicate their area of origin.

Each individual weaver of these European tapestries also commonly wove their initials into the fabric panels as well, as a way to indicate that these were their own tapestry works of art. Today these European tapestries are considered to be highly collectible.

Over the years, tapestry weaving became quite popular throughout Europe. Some European tapestries remaining today were actually produced by women who used needlework as a pastime. For example, during the Victorian era in particular, many women became increasingly interested in needlework as they had more time on their hands than previously. Berlin work was highly popular during this time. As a result, many of the high quality European tapestries remaining from this time are made with Berlin work.

If you are a collector or if you simply want to add a touch of elegance to your home there is no better way to do it than with European tapestries. You can go online and begin shopping for a wide variety of different beautiful European tapestries from different areas of Europe.