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Expansive Belgian Tapestries

Belgian tapestries are some of the most highly sought after tapestries in the antique world. Some of the most beautiful tapestries in the world are actually Belgian tapestries. If you are interested in collecting tapestries, you may wish to focus your collection on Belgian tapestries.

While antique tapestries were produced from around the world, Belgian tapestries are certainly some of the finest.

High quality Belgian tapestries were produced for a variety of purposes. In many cases; however, Belgian tapestries were created to cover the walls of homes that tended to be cold and damp. Even these Belgian tapestries served a practical purpose. They were nonetheless beautiful.

Many Belgian tapestries were produced from a variety of different colored threads. Gold, silver and silk threads were often used in the production of these beautiful tapestries. In some cases, Belgian tapestries were produced with a theme in mind. Many Belgian tapestries depict pictoral themes including Biblical scenes, mythology and even some peasant scenes.

Belgian tapestries are commonly available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Most original Belgian tapestries were created to be quite large because they were meant to cover walls and to be wall hangings; however, over time it was common to cut down pieces to cover doorways and other areas of the home.

These cut pieces are still available today and make for wonderful projects including pillow covers.

It is not uncommon; however, for Belgian tapestry pieces to measure up to twelve feet in height. Some Belgian tapestries can reach up to twenty feet in width if they were not cut down over the years.

Most Belgian tapestries were produced from wool although some tapestries were also produced from better quality materials such as silk. These tapestries were most commonly produced for special occasions.

If you are looking for quality tapestries, lovely Belgian tapestries should definitely top your list.